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BP Maya /Ariel's Friend
Jul 26, 2016
So Ariel on here told me she has a friend who is stayin with her and advertises on BP and wanted to know if I wanted to see her and maybe write a review on her once i signed up. I had a really great time with Ariel so I thought why not! I'm glad I did Maya was really sweet and her pictures dont do her any justice. She is shy but once you get her warmed up a little bit she is fun! When she got in, she gave me a hug and came in and made herself comfortable. We talked about how she likes vegas and what her and Ariel have been up to since I saw her. Once we both felt a little more comfortable she asked if i wanted a massage and to get comfortable on the bed. once i did that she got undressed and her body is so sexy. she has perky very firm boobs and a great backside. She started to rub and i could feel her breasts rub across my back and junior was at attention! she asked me to flip over and rubbed my thighs as she slipped the cover on an started on a great bj. for being covered it was good and i didnt mind the rubber. next she asked if i would like her to get on top, of course! it didnt take long for her to make me pop. shes so tight! we chatted for a bit after and she was on her way. I will definitely try to see her when I come back. glad i got to meet her